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Certified Commercial Spa and Pool Maintenance in Calgary

If you are looking for certified commercial spa and pool services in Calgary, contact MDH Services. Our team of Alberta Health-certified technicians/operators will ensure that your commercial facility’s spa is performing exactly the way it was designed to operate. We handle everything from maintenance, automation and chemical balancing to repairs and construction projects of all shapes and sizes. We have significant experience working with condominiums, hotels, recreation facilities and municipalities for their commercial pool and spa maintenance needs.


We have built positive relationships with all of the regional health authorities, which allows us to efficiently guide you through all of the expected regulations and requirements, all while working within your expected timelines and budgets. Our crew is safety-trained, courteous, fully insured and covered by the Workers’ Compensation Board of Alberta (WCB), so you can rest assured that working with MDH Services is always the best choice for your commercial projects!

Custom-Designed Spa Maintenance Packages

We can custom-design a regular service program for you to ensure your site is always operating at peak efficiency. MDH staff can be on-site daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly based on your specific needs – the choice is yours. We can also provide and deliver the chemicals required to operate your system. Give us a call today to set up a free consultation to see what MDH can do for you and your commercial facility!

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