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Enjoy Your Spa with Our Residential Spa Maintenance Packages in Calgary

Do you have a pool or spa at home that could use a little work? Do you want to enjoy it without having to worry about the maintenance or regular upkeep? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should call MDH Services today! We offer residential spa and pool maintenance services in the greater Calgary area.


In terms of repairs, our team can diagnose the issue and repair your spa in a professional and efficient manner. From leaks to broken components and everything in-between, we will explain the problem and provide you with the available options to get it fixed. We offer residential spa and pool maintenance services in the greater Calgary Area.

Regular Service Packages Available

If you want a hands-free pool or spa system, we offer regular (daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) residential spa maintenance packages in Calgary to ensure that your tub is always properly maintained, clean, balanced and operational for whenever you want to use it. We would be more than happy to discuss the solution that would best work for you and your family.

Ask about Our Hot Tub Upgrade Programs

If you're ready for a change or upgrade from your current tub, we also sell a wide variety of new and used spas. Our used spas are all thoroughly tested by our technicians and come complete with everything you would need to enjoy your new oasis right away, including a cover, cover lifter, stairs and a starter chemical pack! Get in touch with our team to see if you qualify for a trade-in on your existing spa!

Chemical Delivery Service

We also sell the chemicals and accessories you want and need at great prices! And be sure to ask us about free delivery to your door. When it comes to providing residential spa services in Calgary, our service is second-to-none!

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